Original title: These new change of officeholder cannot not know! Do you know what officeholder must not resign? Origin: Legal daily near future, the much province such as Jilin, Yunnan, Fujian started the action that officeholder province studied 2019 to hire the job in succession. And before this, the province city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Liaoning, Jiangsu already started action collection. Let us look together, 2019, what will officeholder welcome new change? Number of officeholder of collection of move of plan of not little pro阿拉爱上海验证贴 爱北京论坛 阿拉爱上海vince relatively decreas阿拉爱上海 验证贴ed last year according to statistic, had released officeholder to admit by exam上海会所水磨服务记ination declared 19 province, plan action collection in all 80 thousand more than person. Among them, guangdong plans to enrol collection dimensions to exceed 10000 people, and the number that move of two provinces plan employs Hainan, Ningxia all is under 1000 people. Those who deserve attention is, the action this year records many province dimensions, relatively on one year h上海贵族宝贝自荐 gzbb.liveas drop apparently. To this, expert analysis, action of province take an examination ofing records a number to drop this year, basically be the work out adjusts the each district below setting of national structural reorganization. “From the point of current action collection plan, partial province relatively reduced 30%-50% left and right sides last year, for instance, accompany tax of country, land to incorporate, once enrolled the duty Wu system that employs large family as officeholder, in the action of each district collection number produces now to fall. ” Li Manqing says. New castigatory officeholder the law will apply after editing ” officeholder of People’s Republic of China law ” will apply since June 1, 2019. New castigatory officeholder the law basically made in the following respects complement adjusts and perfect: Was to highlight political requirement. Regard officeholder system as thought of socialism of characteristic of China of Xi Jinping new era must long-term importunate guiding ideology奉贤南桥spa全部没有了. Lead what hold to and strengthen a party, hold to a series of politics requirements such as system of Chinese characteristic socialism, in reflecting the provision such as obligation of principle of legislative purpose, management, condition, implement good cadre standard whole process of perforative officeholder government and main link, revealed Chinese characteristic further. 2 it is to adjust the concerned regulation such as class of perfect officeholder post, post. Advance officeholder to classify reform further, transform blame leadership post to be post class, execute post and post class collat上海松江水磨的场子eral system, to leadership post and post class appoint and dismiss, litre fall and the article related to this underto嘉定喜来登6楼spaok modification. 3 it is to adjust contented from tight management the cadre concerns a provision. name of order of the 9th or上海半套会所 上海哪有半套足疗der ” chasten ” adjust for ” supervise with chasten ” , increased to strengthen the provision such as the discipline that officeholder is supervised and officeholder ought to abide by, revise perfected evasive case, instruct abdication, the regulation waits from limitation of 上海油压店关了好多course of study after leaving one’s post, increased to violate discipline to violate the regulation of concerned law responsibility in the job such as employ, appoint to a position. 4 it is to carry out fulfil the Party Central Committee about strengthening the requirement to drive, drive of perfect and perfect officeholder ensures a mechanism, strengthened the protection of legitimate to officeholder rights and interests. 5 it is according to officeholder management practice needs, to classified take an examination ofing assessment of collection, classification, classification grooms wait to put forward to make clear a requirement further, to officeholder assessment means, constitution makes a pledge, choose publicly waited for a respect to make revise. Much ground published a cadre to examine print and distribute of general office of incentive measure Central Committee of Communist Party of China ” about farther incentive and broad 上海会所为什么都关门了cadre new era is new take on new factitive opinion ” , the requirement pays attention to consideration of the safeguard on the support on political drive, job, pay, mentally, to dare to take on, the person that be brave in to regard as removes trouble back at home, specific r上海最新油压论坛equirement establishs incentive mechanism and mechanism of fault tolerance error correction, perfect cadre assessment evaluates a mechanism, sufficient play assessment lashs to the cadre’s dr上海性价比高的荤场ive action. Current, a lot of places alre老闵行水疗ady published a series of 上海油压保健全套会所incentive cadres to take on factitive measure. For example: Shandong Jinan mun上海精品油压论坛icipal Party committee is special print and distribute ” city is in charge of leading group and assessment of leader cadre year to use executive method as a result ” , this one ” check new rule ” installed city to run a leading group ” good, better, general, poor ” with city the canal leads a cadre ” not basic and outstanding, competent, competent, competent ” 8 assessment grade, made


[Commentary of hammer science and technology] in “ chip crisis feeling ” continues to diffuse domestic manufacturing industry when, ms. Dong Mingzhu expresses, 238639 division force should make chip. Of Ms. Dong making known one’s position is to be before about two months. Electric equipment of 238639 division power on plenary meeting of 2017 year shareholder, ms. Dong that holds a president concurrently as president divulged new industry plans, incorporate integrated circuit chip inside business will become future to send force focal point. Ms. Dong Mingzh阿拉爱上海干磨u ever said: &Ldquo; we (division force) a 241804 air conditioning should use a few chip, purchase many yuan 40 every year, be close to 5 billion yuan, at present till be an entrance for the most part, oneself already chip of research a宝山城区水疗nd development, we strive for the chip that ne阿拉爱上海同城 aishxt year 241804 air conditioning use him entirely. Ms. ” Ms. Dong ever still expressed, division force already studied 3 years in chip domain and sma上海哪里有水磨服务ll successful. In August the middle ten days of a month, division force did chip to have substantial progress. That month 14 days, limited company of 0 attrib border integrated circuit registers Zhuhai hold water, register capital 1 billion yuan, the 上海真如完美kblegal representative 松江开元桑拿会所is Dong Mingzhu of president of division power electric equipment. According to the report that Beijing business signs up for, vice-president of division power夜上海论坛 electric equipment holds Dong Bi concurrently to hope Jingdong ever expressed, zhuhai limited company of 0 attrib border integrated circuit 2019最新上海419龙凤advocate course of study is chip design, main around the relevant chip that uses in air conditioning. But the division force that already hit the ceiling to growth of air conditioning business, can you be its to maintain a position of the old inside course of study, stunt that seeks new growth chance? See the possibility of chip of division force make it first. 上海油压店关了好多Fourth major general of editor in chief上海哪里还有TY of science and technology of home of IT Internet observation, hammer expresses: &Ldquo; on one hand, division force is adjusting machine market to have distinct advantage for nothing, can deeper to the demand understanding of relevant chip technology, referenced SamSung, China for (the case in chip of mobile phone of the sortie after industry of dip excessive mobile phone is old) in light of, enter a respect to won’t have faced large block, also can make clear product direction; on the other hand, the profit of division force and cash flow pretty good, have better fund reserve, can ego hematopoiesis, the chip line of business with intervening capital big demand is opposite easier. ” does not pass, this also can say division force took the “ ticket ” that makes chip only. Fourth major general expresses, division force does chip to be able to face enormous challenge likewise: &Ldquo; after all, division force designs production experience without chip, in light of experience and history, late infe宫七spa静安店rior position makes up for chip industry very hard. Additional, chip changes fast, investment redound is slow, growth of business of division force air conditioning already was touched come up against the ceiling, other diversity business still props up battalion effectively to restrain the growth with profit hard, sheet relies on him business of chip of ’ of long-term ‘ blood transfusion is not real. ” fourth major general thinks, division force can seek a few bought opportunities, “ is connected high, China for, 上海外卖私人工作室wait to domestic and international tycoon ever was passed and buy those who implement a technology to upgrade in violet light, A the palm accuses and of the market enclothe ” , he says. In the hammer scie阿拉爱上海 风险nce and technology looks, to division force, no matter make transition from intelligence, exterior still chip purchases cost, in light of the development pattern that or is globalization, cast off go up in 番禺桑拿体验论坛crucial technology the situation of person of be enslaved to be enslaved to is must, but division force does chip to still need act according one’s capability, advance steadily, no matter whether can resemble what Ms. Dong says in that way the chip ” that air conditioning of “ next year uses hi龙凤网论坛m entirely, do not turn chip into a pure stunt. (Hammer science and technology is achieved formerly, reprint be sure to give chapter and verse for)