What “ does not know China to Xinjiang is big, do not plow the beautiful ” that does not know Xinjiang to 206030 Yi, 206030 Yi plow element to have “ in inferior the good name of wet island ” and ” of Changjiang Delta of “ north of the Great Wall, spring, safflower of hill of the apricot flower of all over the mountains and plains, day blots out the sky and cover up the earth, draw is gigantic an absolutely beautiful picture scroll; The summer, sweet lavender beautiful sea made purple romance of Yi Li; Autumn, yi plows river valley layer forest all is caught, entered fairy tale world; Winter, snowflake waves, silver-coated, good one clique a thousand li the border area of 10 thousand lis of icebound, Xue Piao is strong scene. Yi Li river valley is having rich winter 1491 travel resource, because of its climate, keep the natural requirement such as snow period very advantageous, if long, snowfall abounds wint全场水磨100分钟不限次ry period嘉定 大保健 会所, scenery of ice and snow air temperature of grand, winter is relatively warm wait, have good winter 1491 travel advantage, be in especially begin ski, ice-skating, sightseeing, photography, pedestrian, drive the natural condition with wait for a project to go up to have better oneself. Travel of Yi Li winter is with natural resources of substantial爱上海水磨娱乐会所 ice and snow rely on, with characteristic the brigh上海水磨会所经理微信t, theme activity that highlights mainly enters a place to cut, make full use of the scene of ice and snow with Yi Li distinctive winter, culture and folk-custom amorous feelings, developed project of travel of of all kinds winter in the round, wait for athletics category like the motion on snow, ice-sports meal of eye and folk-custom experience, folk-custom, sightseeing, pedestrian wait for winter recreational activities, make Yi plows winter travel to2019虹口桑拿 abound diversity. In Yi Li, besides let your exclamatory beautiful scenery, you still can appreciate the historical culture that plows massiness to Yi and full-bodied ethical amorous feelings. Well-known writer Mr Wang Meng writes so: Know Xinjiang is a good place, and Yi Li is the good place in good place! Fulfil Yi to plow spirit of congress of city travel industry to carry out: The figu水磨千人交流群re that draws poem of ·109349 of Changjiang Delta of “ north 干磨水磨什么意思of the Great Wall Yi Li ” praise world of full whole nation, trend, tourism becomes Yi to plow the main engine that economic high quality develops, realize Yi Li basically to swim from brigade resource big city to travel economy big city span, be in especially all tha水磨90分钟是什么服务t “ Xinjiang is a brand of conduct propaganda of good place ” is gotten, poem of ·109349 of Changjiang Delta of north of the Great Wall of start shooting “ draws brand of Yi Li ” , singing noisy “ Xinjiang is a good place, yi Li is the note of good place ” in good place, those who call noisy “ not to know the motherland to Xinjiang is big, the beautiful ” that does not know Xinjiang to Yi Li is tonetic. ” of all-around, stereo type, ceaseless line, entire media strengthens “ travel conduct propaganda is recommended. Hold to “ spring in adv上海浦东休闲会所全套ance, Qiu Yan hind, winter can上海贵族宝贝论坛 swim ” , do appropriate of good “ the four seasons 嘉定spa美女to swim seriously ”“ day and nigh上海航头水磨桑拿会所t has a good swim article of the travel when the Quan Jiquan of ” , increase conduct propaganda to build power strength, ensure Yi plows ” of fire of travel spring “ to rise, summertime “ explodes ” rises, ” of autumn “ flourishing rises, winter “ hot ” rises; The organization attends domestic and international great travel to exhibit meeting activity, go to friendly city and combination of market of main passenger sour虹口区一米阳光space to begin special subject to徐汇法院对面的桑拿电话 recommend; Continue to wait for outback city in Jiangsu 45127 hold poem of multiform · of Changjiang Delta of “ north of the Great W上海模特上门 全国高端商务外围兼职上门all to draw travel of Yi Li ” to publicize 263103 recommend commodity of meeting, travel to be on sale the travel activity such as the meeting, want a travel aid border job brings into project of project of aid border the people’s livelihood in, promote multiform tourism aid border works, the Yi that help strength plows the demand that tourism health expands. On November 15 afternoon, plow city people government by Yi, jiangsu province speak or sing alternately assists Yi to plow city ahead headquarters in all


Safety of travel of safeguard scene area mu上海闵行区昆阳大保健st perfect travel legislation   travel scene area produces person 95 cases to harm Zhao Jie of reporter of our newspaper of Chen Lei of reporter of incident our newspaper at least since 2017 recently, a pupil of 12 years old visits old change town 上海新龙凤in Jiangsu area of scene of king native place swims class hour, in be being broken by stone column lamp, die. Before this, henan saves the anxious god that make city area of farming hill scene produces altitude one case to fall accident, cause 1 person death. Blend in the daily life of people gradually as travel, the safe problem of travel scene area is highlighted with each passing day. ” legal daily ” the reporter discovers according to making public a report to have not complete count, since 2017, media announced person of travel scene area 95 cases to harm incident at least, among them 2017 66, 上海ktv荤场新玩法since 2018 29. In the person harm event that produces in travel scene area in these, because incident of be caused by of scene division facility is most, it is 19 cases; Because number of traffic accident death is maximum, amount to 70 people. Accept ” legal daily ” the travel ind上海哪有spaustry expert that the reporter interviews thinks, tourism is industry of sunny industry, the people’s livelihood and happy industry, but the person of travel scene area that produces often harms incident, had become the factor that restricts tourism industry to upgrade, the safe earnestly of travel scene area needs a system to change prop up with safeguard. Accident of safety of travel scene area sends the pupil that in be being broken by stone column lamp, dies to cry more smal上海吴中路丽都ktv荤场l outstanding, it is the Anhui province mounds in relief city mounds positive development some elementary school 6 grade student. On November 8, small outstanding attended to mound when bureau of education of in relief place and school just organize to swim learn, swim learn standing among them is city of上海第一桑拿会所论坛 Jiangsu province Su Qian area of scene of king native place. That day towards evening, small outstanding by the adjunct of for上海怎么找不正规的按摩店m a complete set of area of scene of king native place — stone column lamp is bungled in die. The ac上海五星级桑拿体验cident shows the monitoring video presentation of field, small outstanding it is first run from student team, running, bend over toward stone column lamp, stone column lamp comes down, be bungled on child body, snapped a few chunk. Small outstanding lie on the ground motionless, be bungled to die. A chief says division of scene of king native place, stone column lamp is travelling scene area is decoration of a landscape only, had had 45 years of time. Company of child relative, school, travel thinks, stone column lamp regards the form a complete set of an area of scene of king native place as adjunct, put in certain safe hidden trouble, just bring about this to remove t上海水磨会所2017价格ragic happening. In travel scene the person of area happening harms incident to see Zhu Baoduan constantly. At the beginning of November, henan saves safe production to supervise management board to release accident information, this year on October 30, henan saves the anxious god that make city area of scene of farming hill travel produces altitude one case to fall accident, cause 1 person death. Notable is, it is before half an year, area of scene of divine farming hill has happened to drop together die accident. Anxious the ooze in relief city that makes the administer below city is reported at that time, this year on April 15, xue Yong of secretary of Ren Qinyang municipal Party committee guides relevant personnel to ar上海后花园论坛直播吧rive when superintend and director of exam阿拉爱上海北京同城论坛ination of area of scene of divine farming hill guides macrocosm travel develops, go to the tourist attraction ” dragon backbone Great Wall ” plan to rebuild near promotion a section of a highway, fall carelessly cliff, on business dies at his post. Namely the netizen oppugns problem of safety of area of scene of divine farming hill at that time: “Secretary of municipal Party committee drops unfortunately in the process that superintend and director guides travel works cliff, make a上海悦榕庄spa多少钱 person distressed, also let a person times feeling is regretful. Nevertheless, this matter is cruel also showed the safe hidden danger with scene area potential existence. ”   released this ye上海虹口干磨交流群ar in January according to bureau of former state tourism ” the whole nation travelled 2018 working report ” show, 2017爱上海同城论坛, domestic travel number is 5 billion person-time, income 4.57 trillion yuan; Enter a country travel number is 139 million person-time, leave the country travel number is 129 million person-time. Travel blends in the daily life of 上海水磨外卖工作室people gradually, but meanwhile, the safe problem of travel scene area is highlighted with each passing day. Publish a report according to media, ” legal daily ” the reporter undertakes not complete count discovers, since 2017, media reported the person that produces in travel scene area harms incident publicly 95 cases at least, among them 2017 66, 2

上海贵族宝贝 龙凤

Sto日式水磨是什么服务ck code: 000921 stocks abbreviation: The sea believes number of home appliance announcement: Inc. of group of home appliance of 2018-057 sea letter about changing H our company and member of ensemble of board of directors assure the announcement of negotiable securities abbreviation what information discloses content is true, accurate, complete, be stated without sex of false account, misdirect or great omit. Full name of company of change of Inc. of group of sea letter home appliance and A the particular case of negotiable securities abbreviation asks detailed to see our company appointed information to announce media to release in our comp夜上海论坛any on October 16, 2018 ” about changing company full name and A the announcement of negotiable securities abbreviation “2019最新上海419龙凤 . According to our company H the s上海油压店pecific condition that negotiable securities上海娱乐桑拿会所 abbreviation changes, be as 金山湖水疗follows concerned progress announcement now: Our company already were in at was being registered by Hong Kong company on October 31, 2018 obtain ” 上海狼族藏凤阁419register company of blame 闵行南美水疗 服务Hong Kong to change a name to register certificate ” , affirm our company according to exemple of Hong Kong law the 622nd chapter ” company orders ” the 16th Chinese and English name that changes our company to be registered in Hong Kong. Accordingly, name of our company Chinese ” Inc. of group of sea letter home appliance ” reach name of our company English ” HISENSE HOME APPLIANCES GROUP CO. , LTD. ” already was in Hong Kon上海哪家夜总会荤场g since October 31, 2018 become effective. Change company name to won’t affect any rights of上海水磨会所交友论坛 existing partner. All上海服务好的水磨会所 imprinting have our company of original title existing already issued H the stock will continue to be this kind of H droit proof, still use as effectively buying and selling, settle accounts, register reach hand in receive our company the identical H of new name amount. Our company won’t be arranged with this kind of H existing stock is changed freely get imprint have our company the new share of new name. Any con爱上海北京同城论坛发帖cerned H new share will only with our company new name is given out. By on November 6, 2018 morning 9 when rising, our company H that combin19年上海油压店2019qq群上海闵行498水磨es business of exchange limited company at Hong Kong abbreviation of Chinese negotiable securities will be changed for ” the sea believes home appliance ” , abbreviation 上海水磨会所交友论坛of English negotiable securities will be changed be ” HISENSE HA ” , negotiable securities code keeps changeless. Hereby announcement. Board of directors of Inc. of group of sea letter home appliance is medium on November 5, 2018 money net