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Original title  : In those days the first Kendeji falls  of restaurant of outdoors beach east wind, ying Yong’s mayor and 100 got the better of Chinese CEO Qu Cuirong to talk about these summary  : The 100 person that get the better of the testimony that China is development of Shanghai reforming and open上海曹路非正规足疗 ing and urban construction and participator  , hope enterprise innovates ceaselessly commercial pattern and industry condition  , promote food safety horizontal  continuously, realize仪征全套桑拿水磨会所 better progress  . 上海后花园1314龙凤论坛 shhhy?  interviewed Shanghai mayor Ying Yong today 100 get the better of China to control a limited company group of presiding apparitor Qu Cuirong  . ? Ying Yong says  , current  ,  of Shanghai municipal Party committee, mun上海 外菜 vxicipal government is carrying out  of new development concept deep, drive high quality to develop  , create  of high quality life. Civilian it is day  in order to feed, feed with An Weixian  , closely related meal course of study and people life  , also be the important facet  that Shanghai builds  of w上海京澳桑拿会所orld-renowned travel city, international to consume a city. The 100 person that get the better of the testimony that China is development of Shanghai reforming and 爱北京论坛 阿拉爱上海阿拉爱上海新地址opening and urban construction and participator  , hope enterprise innovates ceaselessly commercial pattern and industry condition  , promote food safety horizontal  continuously, realize better progress  . The hot earth  that Shanghai does poin上海楼凤eering work as the window of Chinese reforming and opening and investment, the  of battalion business environment that builds exert oneself law to change  of  , internationalization, advantage, support of all kinds and preeminent com上海水磨会所全套经历pany to be done in Shanghai do strong  greatly. ? Qu Cuirong says  , from 1989 Shanghai agrees th上海千花 自荐 上海千花验证归来e first times  of the beach outside settle of heart radical dining-room ” 现在上海419论坛体验 localhost上海有做油压的吗  of east wind restaurant ”  , heretofore 100 get the better o上海干磨和水磨的区别f China to there already was  of inn of 500 much doors in Shanghai. Enterprise and native land supplier grow jointly  , develop  quickly. 100 get the better of China to accelerating  of commercial pattern innovation, strengthen  of product equipment research and development, pay close attention to food safety  highly, offer the food 上海千花论坛 with more delicate safety for consumer hard. ? 100 get the better of China to accuse a limited company to appear on the market at was being torn apart independently 2016  , it is the  that headquarters sets in Shanghai ” fortune  ” 500 strong company  of America上海水磨是怎么个流程n, in China exclusive operation agree上海贵族宝贝油压论坛s heart radical  , surely win the meal brand  such as the guest. ? ?  of column chief editor: Meng Qunshu inscribes graph origin  : Zhang Chunhai is photographed


The home appliance that annual 165835 51 small long holidays are first half of the year sells busy 宝山桑拿season. Not exceptional also this year, in each channel go all out in killing, sale of market of domestic home appliance is unusually hot. Come from wisdom of domestic banner O2O the 145654 sale data that Su N闵行哪个洗浴有全套ing buys easily indicate retail business, 165835 51 during, broken wall machine, cleaner, air purifier becomes contemporary family new “ 3 big ” , in 145654 Su Ning buys cloud store easily in, high-end home appliance becomes main f奉贤大唐水疗休闲会所orce in, number of order of illegally buy up rises 62.3% . And according to Su Ning relevant controller introduces, 51 during store of below Su Ning line 300 doors opens together, buy the new type such as straight battalion inn small shop, cloud inn, easily to cover market of full-court scene fractionize. The big home appliance that air conditioning is dominant is 51 brunt category as爱上海桑拿娱乐会所 before, and what differ with in former years is, intelligence, character, health becomes customer more crucial buy argument, su Ning buys crewel big data easily to show, only on上海乾汤温泉按摩spa May 1 that day, do not adjust body sale to be defeated to 20 hours of sky 600 million close greatly, the channel on its central line grows 275% ; The terrain that the whole nation buys air conditioning is centered in Wuhan, Nanjing, Chengdu, Chongqing 4 big cities. The intelligent air conditioning that has healthy function still is sell like hot cakes explodes article, sales volume photograph is compared 2017 tower above of the corresponding period 3 times, the product of ” of air conditioning of “ Yan Zhi such as columnar ark machine has his moment, sales volume photograph exceeds one times than in former years. This year 51 it is a world cup before opening contest the biggest sales promotion, color上海春风楼交友论坛 television sale presents apparent big screen, high end to turn a tide. From the sitting room大桶大全身精油有飞机 6 timeses arrive sitting room 7 timeses, 65 and sale of above color 上海红松路北海道spatelevision grow 418% , average per capita consumes dimension to achieve 61.7 ; The high-end TV such as dot of OLED, quanta, laser is 嘉定spa特殊shown cross times growth momentum. Value 500 thousand yuan Suo Ni TV of 100 local tyrant, su Ning sells again give the 9th. And be based on Su Ning 30 days wrap retreat, 365 days of bags are changed, user of more actual strength also is at ease website fluctuation sheet is bought easily in Su Ning, 51 during, price of color television of only station of the work off on the line breaks through 40 thousand yuan! Meanwhile, all sorts of in sell like hot cakes of product of high-end home appliance. Among them much door, to opening the door freezer product sale is occupied than ex2019上海有花头的浴场ceeding 75% , in word 5 the door, crosses run from opposite directions product of construction of body waiting for the door, the sale is added fast exceed 200% . Dryer is added compared to the same period fast amount to 282.8% . Besides traditional big home appliance, this year 51 during, consumer is raising the life character, hutch that brings life advan嘉定区spatage the investment on electric product increases. Equipment of “ clean water + dishwasher + embedded 34% what during small evaporate bakes ” to combine a formula to hold Su Ning to buy a holiday easily, hutch report whole sells, than last year growth of the corresponding period is nodded 10 times, among them Jiang Zhehu is bought occupy than exceeding 40% . Clean water machine, dishwasher, especially embedded product all the more is welcomed. Upgrade further as consumption, use intelligent science and technology to promote life character to become contemporary 80, the 90 consumptive keys after. Contemporary family is necessary new “ 3 big ” : Defeat mural machine, cleaner, air purifier, come true 4 years to grow 200% compared to the same period continuously. Of HOLA spy force and house of happy character home enter halt, lift upsurge of delicate in May life. The “ actor that Su Ning has carried out two years tastes a project &rdq干磨水磨是什么服务uo; and peculiar 30365 after service, become most consumer preference to buy the main reason of life electric equipment in Su Ning. Be worth what carry is, su Ning buys the line on the small Biu of artificial intelligence闵行 spa会所 sound box of own research and development easily to welcome rus夜上海论坛h to最新上海龙凤419 purchase, 51 during small BIU sound box sells give 11000, unmanned aircraft sells give 300.