Tourist of citizen of Shanghai of Chen Aiping of our newspaper reporter, China and foreign countries how information of life of travel of quicker and comprehensive understanding? How to explore Shanghai history culture further? How does the passenger flow fastigium such as entrance exposition promote travel life experience in first China International? 24 days, xu Wei of director of Shanghai tourism bureau is in late be a guest ” interview of 2018 Shanghai the people’s livelihood ” when express, shanghai the technology such as interpret of each other of big data of have the aid of, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, much language, pattern recognition, with more ” wisdom ” public service has been told to tourist of China and foreign countries ” Shanghai story ” . Shan2019上海夜场排名ghai is opposite be located in Pudong airport, rainbow bridge airport, outside wild park of beach, outskirt, bank river bank line, characteristic is ancient service center of 20 of the window and the tourist attraction such as the town integrated travel undertakes centralized transforming, make what intelligence of integrated, service, label consolidates the function ” between example ” . Current, integrated service center 松江洗浴桑拿会所of 16 shops travel, Xu collects Huang Pu area area Xu Huibin river travels to integrated service center completes construction basically and open to the outside world, many service center is being advanced in order by the plan. These ” 福州金山桑拿推荐between example ” use a variety of high-tech to optimize travel information to seek advice from a service not only, enhance much language 2019上海闵行油压交流群to serve a function, still offer a mobile phone to charge, cleanness waters, wheelchair is rented, equipment of AED emergency treatment civilian service; Standard of effect of vision of each center whole is uniform, at the same time adjust measures to local conditions, partial center will configure VR/AR to wait to experience establishment or offer traffic of small check, travel to set the service such as a ticket. Xu Wei discloses late, this year before October上海推油tykb店推荐, shanghai still will roll out ” Shanghai character lives ” shift carries application. At the appointed time, the user is moved move finger to be able to learn the information such as entrance ticket of traffic, accommodation, show, tourist attraction, and buy entrance ticket, book a hotel to wait. “Chinese parasol esta老闵行哪有荤场blishs next old foreign houses, door of library of the stone in old alley, 10 thousand countries build 10 lis of metropolis infested with foreign adventurers ” , use intelligent technology nowadays, are more and more travel setting becoming can you read: ? Expostulate with shrimp; Ni of ill ⑿ of ship of broken frame ⒕ scrupulously and respectfully value of yttrium of ⒀ of Song of Miao of ⒑ of ⒊ つ  offends  mu tourist of? of Mi  ㄖ passes s徐汇区斜土路spacanning 2 dimension code can know its history humanitarian story, a few area still realized VR panoramic guide see. Xu Wei says late, shanghai is related conformity data resource, exploration builds travel to guide read public service platform, for the city the building develops frequency of product of video, VR, transcribe, let bearing the weight of the Shanghai building of historical culture is farther ” can look, can listen, readable ” . Have even more eve上海宝山大保健ry year peace treaty of tourist of home of 300 million person-time of 8.7 million enter a country the tourist comes to Shanghai, how to ensure citizen tourist to live in passenger flow fastigiu青浦最高档的spam recreational experience? the fair of entrance of first China Int上海会所招聘ktvernational that will hold in November this year tourist of this all along more C上海按摩推拿培训hina and foreign countries show干磨全套是什么意思s the main platform of resource of travel of Shanghai city image, culture and public service energy level, be pair of Shanghai service levels ” final examination ” . Xu Wei says late, shanghai is importing fastigium of exposition passenger flow to book price of rate, guest room to wait to the hotel 上海水磨群undertake divisional, classification is monitored, change with intelligence, the management that essence of life turns definitely charges house price normative company management action, firmly; Pass line of travel of development more high-quality goods, offer intelligence to change, the travel that human nature changes is communal service, let tourist of 上海油压店2018China and foreign countries experience the temperature of Shanghai ci上海后花园论坛ty.


Original title: Husband and wife of the member that Shanghai protects clean decorates 204900 public toilets so that resemble a sitting room at one’s own expenses, 259536 aquarium still have travel book there is a wall on the wall, green plant deck each corners, popular song is being broadcasted… fall in the Pu Daqiao austral Shanghai, street of oily vehicle commercial and transportation center is about a hundred around dweller needs everyday 92 the 204900 public toilets of classics, and must be just as deck of a public toilet the sitting room, be a pair ” 80 hind archives of husband and wife ” the member that the public toilet protects clean. Zou Fujian and Cheng Changlan’s husband and wife two. Article chart all pursues for insurgent journalist Zang Ming Bao Jie of hold public toilet is versed in the marital Zoufu of intermediate certificate is built, clean post was protected to already was done more than 8 years in the public toilet, wife Cheng Changlan is the environmental sanitation worker in the invite applications for a job when Shanghai held world rich to meet 2010. The public toilet that they serve is located in Pu Jiang coastal, often the tourist is in after using the toilet inc爱上海419龙凤后花园identally 青浦spa好玩ask the way, for this, couple two whenever breathing space can know the road all round the public toilet and structure, offer advantage for the tourist. On November 21, culture of the Women’s Federation of area of 68193 yellow riverside, area does Shanghai hold ” the most beautiful times most beauty ” — commemorative reforming and opening 40 years of · 68193 Huang Pu areas activity of theme of section of the 7th neighborhood, recommend through the unit, masses appraise sth through discussion, evaluate votingly, integratedly through the network wait for means, 闵行kb体验this is right 80 hind husband and wife makes division of frankpledge yellow riverside ” the most beautiful family ” one of. On November 22, insurgent journalist sees 92 numbers in street of oily vehicle commercial and transportation center, the public toilet position that this seat leaves at Na Pu big bridge is not conspicuous, but as a result of around have old building and public transportation key positio上海靠谱的约群n, dweller and the office worker that commute by the bus, still can environmental sanitation worker can come this uses上海服务好的水磨会所 a public toilet. That day, gao A上海莞式水磨洗浴休闲中心po of 89 years old comes this is used trouble-free toilet. She tells a reporter, the home is in around but without the toilet, and because ability to walk is disadvantageous, stay crouch to be no good, and here trouble-free toilet has the establishment such as baluster, particularly clean, can be at ease use. One often comes this office worker says, the public toilet is very very sweet, clean, the decoration is good-looking. Be elected as yellow riverside area ” the most beautiful family ” , this is accident very to coming from Jiangsu to start the husband and wife that change. “Did not think of we are not Shanghai native also can be elected. ” Cheng Changlan says. The graduation in Zou Fu Jiangao Shanghai works later, 2010, shanghai does world rich to be able to enrol en上海金山按摩大保健哪里有?vironmental sanitation worker, zou Fuj上海油压干磨足浴论坛ian calls a wife to come over from native place. “Before coming to Shanghai, hesitate a little, comfort station does the member that protect clean, sound seeming is not too decent job, former preexistence nati2018上海哪里有油压ve place works in the factory, but husband and wife two ground live apart bad also. ” Zou Fujian is recollected, “At first, what do the classmate of native place and kin ask in Shanghai such big city is done? I think later, we have a meal by right of oneself labor, had done not have with bad component. ”   reporter sees, there is a cure medicine chest inside the public toilet, deserve to tonometer, thermometer, old smooth lens waits. Cheng Changlan says, there is residential area near the public toilet, if ev上海浦东桑拿水磨会所erybody has meet an urgent need in the home, can come over to measure. There is husband and wife in the public toilet the two 259536 aquarium that buy at one’s own expenses and cure medicine chest. Medical box is placed to be on a big aquarium, also this deploys aquarium at one’s own expenses to husband and wife. “Bazaar, big company have aquarium, the sense that gives a person is good, we also deployed aquarium. ” Cheng Changlan says. There is a small shelf on the wall, placing husband and wife the two Shanghai self-help that buy at one’s own expenses swim book, husband and wife two say, the tourist that Lai Binjiang travels is increasing nowaday虹口水疗s, classics regular meeting asks ask the tourist attraction. Husband and wife two pairs around it is familiar, but 金山区spa养生会所other to Shangh金山spaai tourist attractions not very clear, because this had this book, offer tourist referen青浦澳京桑拿ce. On the wall civilian book newspaper shelf is putting a couple the two travel s上海龙凤1314 shlftrategies that buy at one’s own expenses. Broadcasting background music as to the public toilet, husband and wife two explanations, it is the awkwardness that is the person that avoid to use the toilet. In addition, zou Fujian still hanged hygroscopic on the wall designedly, master indoor humidity, ensure green plant does not lack water. There is hygroscopic monitoring green plant inside the public toilet. Recently, the dweller delivered one side silk banner.


[Car friendly head – car friendly date – car of total Li Tan] respecting He Xiangjian this name, everybody feels very unfamiliar, this brand of respecting beauty, a lot of people know, perhaps a certain 156377 electric equipment in your home are beautiful, he Xiangjian is the author of beautiful group. He Xiangjian, male, was born in Guangdong suitable heart上海奉贤柘林按摩推油 in October 1942, the society is entered to feel after elementary school graduates climb boil dozen, began to do poineering work 1968, collect money at that tim闵行推油娱乐推荐e 5000 yuan, established ” 上海服务好的水磨会所boreal street runs plastic production group ” , began to make fan 1980, enter home appliance industry; 1992 resolutely those who drive the United States undertake share-holding system is transformed; Handing in place greatly to appear on the market 1993, become what 1718 China are reorganizationed the first times by the town enterprise and become to appear on the market company. His drive also from at the outset 50CC autocycle, became present private plane, see 1718 China together ” home appliance 154252 king ” drive. Of He Xiangjian drive, 122128 guest benefit is refined, this car often stops in beautiful group headquarters, VIP1 date car the author that is the United States is special car, the model is 122128 guest benefit refined, headlight is design of round lamp unifinication before,上海后花园阿拉网 it is home the ea上海千花论坛rliest refined, car age is adjacent 4062020, in those days price 460 much, what concept is this? BMW 745LI sells at that time 1.8 million, ao Di A8 6.0 sells 2.08 million, more expensive than two W12 Ao Di. The car grows 5390mm, those who use is engine of 6.75 litres of V8, 4松江樱花足浴kb小杜50P of the greatest horse power, street of the car that be the same as a paragraph was encountered not easily, had refined person to transfer basically in those days, and his drive using all the time, not be to change do not rise, however not be willing to part with or use is changed. He Xiangjian’s familial 2018 fortune is as high as 185 billion yuan, accumulative total 69891 contribution amount 7.46 billion RMB, contribute the money that go out to be able to buy N benefit of new fund guest, to a social status a 179056 car sits for the person of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two 4062020 already very managing. He Xiangjian is 40 hind, it is reforming and opening the first batch of entrepreneur, no matter this generation person is growing environment still does poineering work the environment is inferior to today’s youth, many pain took when person of their this generation is young, as a child nurturance economic and managi上海普陀干磨店一览表ng good convention, alleged new 3 years, old 3 years, patchy 3 years, what say actually is older gener上海水磨可以干几次ation. Before doing not have Maibinli, his BMW also used ten years. Before He Xiangjian was not trading guest profit, driving is the 2nd acting BMW 7 departments, code name E32, model 750iL, his BMW is 80 time are bought, a lot of people still do not know BMW at that time, he sits went up, and there still is a c上海的金山上门 spaar to hold a phone in the car, he is suitable heart the first BMW 7 cars advocate, also be the person that suitable heart buys motorcycle the first times, guangdong suitable heart still did not 上海桑拿体验论阿拉爱上海同城对对碰 点评榜坛 上海桑拿休闲会所推荐have concrete route 1980, he bought the motorcycle of a 179056 50CC. This generation BMW 7 it is design of double round lamp, also be the 7 departments that use double round light finally, still be model of V12 of BMW head money at the same time, it is to run quickly 阿拉爱上海ai010xyzto mark model in those days 560SEL, 7 departments total output is this generation 311068, crop is very big, just hom2019上海发廊攻略e is very infrequent, because in those days the person that home can buy is too little, dai Yan of 65094 consolidate Li is beautiful 1992, also had taken this car at that time. The platoon measures 5 litres of V12, 300 horsepower, 100 kilometers quicken 7.4 seconds, see here a lot of people perhaps can laugh, this V12 how just 300 horsepower, this is too small also, present 2.0T blast gives 300 horse power not curious. This truly, can say the times is in only progress, science and technology lives in the change. But we should realise a bit, that but 30 years ago, 300P horsepower already not s上海便宜的全套会所 上海全套价格mall. Besides land drive, still have private plane. This helicopter also is b上海水磨会所2019价格eautiful group, there still is the beauty on the plane