What “ does not know China to Xinjiang is big, do not plow the beautiful ” that does not know Xinjiang to 206030 Yi, 206030 Yi plow element to have “ in inferior the good name of wet island ” and ” of Changjiang Delta of “ north of the Great Wall, spring, safflower of hill of the apricot flower of all over the mountains and plains, day blots out the sky and cover up the earth, draw is gigantic an absolutely beautiful picture scroll; The summer, sweet lavender beautiful sea made purple romance of Yi Li; Autumn, yi plows river valley layer forest all is caught, entered fairy tale world; Winter, snowflake waves, silver-coated, good one clique a thousand li the border area of 10 thousand lis of icebound, Xue Piao is strong scene. Yi Li river valley is having rich winter 1491 travel resource, because of its climate, keep the natural requirement such as snow period very advantageous, if long, snowfall abounds wint全场水磨100分钟不限次ry period嘉定 大保健 会所, scenery of ice and snow air temperature of grand, winter is relatively warm wait, have good winter 1491 travel advantage, be in especially begin ski, ice-skating, sightseeing, photography, pedestrian, drive the natural condition with wait for a project to go up to have better oneself. Travel of Yi Li winter is with natural resources of substantial爱上海水磨娱乐会所 ice and snow rely on, with characteristic the brigh上海水磨会所经理微信t, theme activity that highlights mainly enters a place to cut, make full use of the scene of ice and snow with Yi Li distinctive winter, culture and folk-custom amorous feelings, developed project of travel of of all kinds winter in the round, wait for athletics category like the motion on snow, ice-sports meal of eye and folk-custom experience, folk-custom, sightseeing, pedestrian wait for winter recreational activities, make Yi plows winter travel to2019虹口桑拿 abound diversity. In Yi Li, besides let your exclamatory beautiful scenery, you still can appreciate the historical culture that plows massiness to Yi and full-bodied ethical amorous feelings. Well-known writer Mr Wang Meng writes so: Know Xinjiang is a good place, and Yi Li is the good place in good place! Fulfil Yi to plow spirit of congress of city travel industry to carry out: The figu水磨千人交流群re that draws poem of ·109349 of Changjiang Delta of “ north 干磨水磨什么意思of the Great Wall Yi Li ” praise world of full whole nation, trend, tourism becomes Yi to plow the main engine that economic high quality develops, realize Yi Li basically to swim from brigade resource big city to travel economy big city span, be in especially all tha水磨90分钟是什么服务t “ Xinjiang is a brand of conduct propaganda of good place ” is gotten, poem of ·109349 of Changjiang Delta of north of the Great Wall of start shooting “ draws brand of Yi Li ” , singing noisy “ Xinjiang is a good place, yi Li is the note of good place ” in good place, those who call noisy “ not to know the motherland to Xinjiang is big, the beautiful ” that does not know Xinjiang to Yi Li is tonetic. ” of all-around, stereo type, ceaseless line, entire media strengthens “ travel conduct propaganda is recommended. Hold to “ spring in adv上海浦东休闲会所全套ance, Qiu Yan hind, winter can上海贵族宝贝论坛 swim ” , do appropriate of good “ the four seasons 嘉定spa美女to swim seriously ”“ day and nigh上海航头水磨桑拿会所t has a good swim article of the travel when the Quan Jiquan of ” , increase conduct propaganda to build power strength, ensure Yi plows ” of fire of travel spring “ to rise, summertime “ explodes ” rises, ” of autumn “ flourishing rises, winter “ hot ” rises; The organization attends domestic and international great travel to exhibit meeting activity, go to friendly city and combination of market of main passenger sour虹口区一米阳光space to begin special subject to徐汇法院对面的桑拿电话 recommend; Continue to wait for outback city in Jiangsu 45127 hold poem of multiform · of Changjiang Delta of “ north of the Great W上海模特上门 全国高端商务外围兼职上门all to draw travel of Yi Li ” to publicize 263103 recommend commodity of meeting, travel to be on sale the travel activity such as the meeting, want a travel aid border job brings into project of project of aid border the people’s livelihood in, promote multiform tourism aid border works, the Yi that help strength plows the demand that tourism health expands. On November 15 afternoon, plow city people government by Yi, jiangsu province speak or sing alternately assists Yi to plow city ahead headquarters in all


As high quality of blow of long triangle unifinication development “ builds up date ” , inside area in coordination development, collaboration will brush a dazzling “ scintilla ” . With the Suzhou that Shanghai ground predestined relationship is close to, with real operation, the innovation of seek unifinication is broken through. On June 23, 82836 photograph the city zone of Suzhou city will go to Shanghai to hold • of “ sea Na Baichu阿拉爱上海同城 北京an photograph o阿拉爱上海会员验证交流f photograph be in harmony becomes ” Suzhou investment of finance of science and technology of 82836 photographs city is recommended meeting. Be located in the photograph city of center of Suzhou city land with certain boundaries, area, traffic, zoology 3 large dominant positions are clear: Be located in Yang Zijiang city group Shanghai peace is the intermediate region o上海怎么联系洋妞f axis of two ground connection, lasting trigonometry city group Shanghai Su Zhe the favorable position of 3 ground linkage; The Suzhou north that Beijing Shanghai tall iron establishs in photograph city stands, will connect Su Jiayong tall iron to form a cross to hand in with coastal big arter上海后花园 龙凤论坛最新验证y collect a place, future will be become conform the area traffic hub of Shanghai, radiation grows origin of three-cornered traffic core; In addition, as only link too of lake, in relief settleclear lake board piece, here still has distinct zoology advantage, view of typical Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes. Combine these advantages, in Shanghai of active butt joint, blend in overall situation of long triangle unifinication to go up, photograph city seek serves as actively, essence of life sends force definitely. In current recommend on the meeting, the well-known company of relevant leader an上海黄浦荤场d expert, domestic and international burgeoning industry, finance invests unifinication of the travelling merchant delegate of many countries and area, long triangle delegate of enterprise of medium of place of courtyard of scientific research of orgnaization, college, culture, and global innovation po上海哪里还有TYineering elite, add up to many 1200 honored guest affirms will join meeting, communicative collaboration wishs scene, sow career hope, high quality of city of the photograph that help strength develops. In recent years, photograph city is上海油压店2018宝山 in Shanghai of comprehensive butt joint, carry on the industry is directional move and high grade resource spill over respect achievement strikings. Current, the place of scientific research courtyard such as group of Normal University of college of whole area each district and industry of grain of the university that be the same as aid, Shanghai tra上海现在哪有油压 ffic university, Shanghai, Hua Dong, answer star and enterprise, make in financial science and technology, new material, intelligence, education of middle and primary school, medicine is made wait for knot of collaboration of many domains butt joint to issue great achievements of again and again. Last year in September, photograph city goes to Shanghai to enrol business to sign 29 projects, always invest 17.9 billion yuan, also be Shanghai base of industry of favour photograph city is strong, the true portraiture with battalion business good environment. Nowadays, buckle “ closely 5 big functions piece industry of dominant of fixed position of area ” strategy, “3+2” , 3 years through 16 “ the action plans ” to turn into blue print stage by stage actual new look city, go夜上海论坛的是真的吗 to Shanghai again, devote oneself to all-around, much territory conform. It is reported, recommend in this on the meeting, photograph city 上海好玩的荤场夜总会will publish new de闵行区龙柏保健veloped area of zoology阿拉爱上海预警区 of “ Yang Cheng to the outside first in Shanghai piece the overall planning of area ” . Do poineering work as the innovation that with Suzhou tall Tie Xincheng is kilometer of core, 110 square hot earth, new developed area of zoology of “ Yang Cheng piece area ” has unifinication of new center of land with certain boundaries of “ Suzhou city, long triangle to coor上海南美水疗 价格表dinate ” of area of development innovation example wish scene target, total fixed position resides ” of center of center, application of science and tech上海 南美水疗 飞机nology, prospective vigor center for “ zoology appropriate. Future 3 arrive 5 years inside, the community of research and development of in relief settleclear international of photograph city and construction of collaboration of academy of technology of Jiangsu province industry starts a division, and the project of form a complete set of function of Suzhou city key such as international exhibition center of hotel of conference of international of annulus beautiful lake, in relief settleclear lake, will unplug in succession inside this area the ground and case, lay off fills the urban horizon line of opportunity of survival and vigor together. In addition, building 3D is printed, quanta communication, unmanned drive if this age bound is foremost,wait the uses technical field top group of the edge, also the specific lot of city of photograph of settle of put up with arranges a project, undertake in the activity detailed and vi上海哪里可以找到洋马vid way develops release, be worth to expect.